Are you an Axis bank cardholder? Then congratulations! No other bank like Axis bank offers such lucrative offers to its customers in all online portals. And when it conjoins with the most trusted online shopping site like Amazon the deals become really unresisting.

Each year Amazon comes with new sales and deals with promo codes and gift cards among which the cashback offer is the most sought-after. The Axis bank debit and credit card holders are highly benefited by the offers from Amazon.

So make sure you do not miss out anything and keep a weather eye on the Amazon Axis Bank credit and debit card offers.

Axis Bank Debit and Credit Card Offers:

Axis bank is offering all its debit card and credit card holders 10% additional cashback offers on all purchases made through Amazon.

This is a joint venture of both Axis Bank Limited and Amazon Seller Services Private Limited. The maximum cashback will be Rs. 1500 per card. No corporate card holder can gain this offer.

In case any illegal work has been encountered by Amazon the customer may seize the offer for that particular customer.

Validity: Expired.

Though the offer has been expired long ago but to make sure you can get the benefits from the next offers, keep up to date with our site. We will inform you about all the offers from Axis Bank and Amazon.

Axis Bank Credit Card Buy First Pay Later Offer:

The most loved offer that Amazon is giving for the Axis Bank credit card holders is ‘Buy First and Pay Later’ offer, where the customer is eligible to buy a product on EMI.

This option gives the Axis Bank credit card holders the power to buy a product without any cash, however payment has to be made later.

An Axis Bank credit card holder can pay back the money along with the interest rate in the minimum period of 3 months or the maximum period of 12 months. If you are an Axis bank credit card holder, then you can also pay the total money with the interest rate in 6 months and 9 months.

However, the interest rates will differ. Like if you want to pay within 3 or 6 months then you will have to pay 12% interest rate, but if you want to return the total money within 9 or 12 months then you will have to pay 13% interest rate.

Who are eligible for this offer?

  • Customers who will buy products worth of Rs. 3000 or more will be eligible for this EMI option.
  • The purchase of the product must be done from and the customer should be an Indian Citizen.
  • The customer must have a valid credit card which is lawfully issued by the Axis Bank Limited and it should be within the validity period.
  • Fraudulent activities will be restricted from having this offer and only the genuine customers are eligible.

How to apply for this offer?

Those products which are eligible for EMI option will be displayed by Amazon. To apply for this offer you need follow the below stages.

  • After selecting your preferred product look for the EMI option, if mentioned by Amazon or not.
  • If mentioned, then select your payment option by clicking ‘buy now’.
  • Then Amazon will ask you about your card details. Choose your eligible credit card.
  • After that you will see a drop down menu where the EMI plans will be offered by the Axis Bank.
  • Now choose a plan according to your suitability.
  • Click on the continue button and wait for the next page to load.
  • Then all the details of your product and purchase will come, and then you need to review it before placing the order.
  • Now click on, ‘Place Your Order and Pay’.
  • After that the CVV number needs to be given by you of your Axis Bank credit card which is an important part of your card that you can found on the back of your card.
  • Now it’s time to choose the time frame within which you are willing to pay the entire sum.
  • Click on the continue button and place your order and pay.

Note while availing the Buy First Pay Later Offer:

  • It may be the case that you are buying multiple products from varied sellers on Amazon. In that case also you will be eligible for EMI options until the total purchase amount reach Rs. 3000 or more.
  • The EMI offer can only be availed by one Axis Bank Credit card holder on single purchase hence cannot be split across multiple cards.
  • The monthly schedule of EMI will be determined by Axis Bank Limited.
  • After placing the order initially, you will be charged the full amount then it will be converted into EMI from your bank.

For the completion of the whole process of availing EMI offer it will take 5 – 7 working days or may be more. You will receive the product after all the legal works have been done by your bank.